Welcome Roger the Roach!

He's just happy he got to that ham 'n cheese sammich first!

This fun little animation was one of my fist using Hippo (Hippani) HTML5 Animator. "Look Mom, no Flash!" Other tools include Adobe Photoshop.

GoCurrent Splash Animation

This landing page intro animation was carefully crafted to illustrate the client's branding concept. Illustrations and animations created in Adobe Edge, which has now become Adobe Animate. [ RELOAD / REPLAY ]

Figma Animation While Scrolling Tutorial

This fast paced, no apologies tutorial covers some basic interaction conventions you can use in Figma to simulate animations during scrolling, using mouse enter as the trigger. This tutorial is for moderate-to-advanced Figma users, who have experience with web design, Figma basics, Auto layout, Interactions, and Components & Variables. Created using Figma, Adobe Photoshop, AfterEffects, and my Apple Ultra 2 watch.

Take Charge!

Icons representing the various sections of this staying active and healthy mobile web app leap off the screen, calling the user to discover more. Created using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and AfterEffects.

ADE Overview

This brief overview, touches on the various highlights and features provided by the Authoritative Data Environment for use as a promotional and educational piece during tradeshows, expos, events and also on the web portal. I conducted the research, composed the dialog script, sourced the video and soundtrack resources, generated the narration audio, created the storyboard, and composed and edited the video. Created using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and AfterEffects.

3D Earth

I created this 3D Earth model and animation as part of an interactive lesson for a digital learning program for the Challenger Center for Space Science Education using Blender.

Midnight Snack

See what happens in the late hours when no one is around.

This little 3D character animation was created using Blender, QuickTime, iMovie and Affinity Photo.

Calorie Balance

This is an example of a simple animation on a budget, using slightly modified stock illustrations to help carry the theme of a healthy diet. Created using Adobe Illustrator, and AfterEffects.