Statistical Infographics

I created this infographic as part of a series, used for both web and print applications, depicting disaster statistics around the globe. Created with Adobe Illustrator.

Signage System Icons

Depicted here are just a few of the icons used to represent the different modules available in this digital signage system layout. Created with Adobe Illustrator.

Informational Infographics

This infographic was designed as part of an awareness campaign to assist commuters with alternate modes of transportation during the Metrorail SafeTrack initiative. Created with Adobe Illustrator.

TP Link Tether App Icons

I designed six additional icons as an exercise, in an effort to challenge myself to see if I could both; match the existing style, (already established by the manufacturer) and to determine whether I could work with that style to generate the newly proposed web client device icons. The bottom six are the proposed icons. Created with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

Type 2 Diabetes Infographics

I created these infographics as part of a mobile web app designed to provide people in the rural Hispanic community knowledge of type II diabetes and methods for prevention. Created with Adobe Illustrator, using some modified stock illustrations as well as original artwork.

Application Infographic

This infographic illustrates the various features and functions of this software application.

The subtle fish-eye-lens distortion applied to the logotype, which serves as the centerpiece in this infographic, mimics and emphasizes viewing through a magnifying lens, representing the careful inspection and scrutiny which proceeds approval and certification features within this application. Created with Adobe Illustrator.

Take Charge! Icons

These icons, which represent the various sections and tools used in this mobile “Healthy & Active Lifestyle” web app were created with Adobe Illustrator.

Weather Icons

I created this simple, consistent, and easy to read set of weather icons for use in a digital signage system. Created with Adobe Illustrator.