Connect Banner

This banner illustration was used for branding purposes for a number of community resiliency training guides. To keep it simple and colorful, I used a paper cutout style. Created with Adobe Illustrator.

Common Man Logo

This logo t-shirt design was created for a Baltimore Running Festival marathon relay team. It included this larger version on the back and a smaller, more simplified one on the front, left chest. Created with Adobe Illustrator.

Iowa Department of Natural Resources

I created this fun game show host character, along with the supporting scenes, images, interface and concepts for this educational interactive game, designed for young audiences to promote natural resource stewardship and conservation in Iowa. Created with Adobe Illustrator and Flash.

Bistro Provence Logo

I created this light and delicate logo, which reflects the delicate precision French Chef Yannick Cam incorporates into all of his dishes. Created with Adobe Illustrator.

U.S. Marshals Survivors Logo

Several variations of this logo were carefully reviewed before this final version was selected by the U.S. Marshals Survivors Benefit Fund to honor the fallen heroes in blue. Created using Adobe Illustrator.

Fiola Mare Logo

I created this logo for the Washington DC restaurant, as well as a few others for famed Italian chef and restaurateur, Fabio Trabocchi. I worked closely with the chef to achieve his vision. Created using Adobe Illustrator.